A Tour of The Civil Rights Institute

The thunder rolled and the rain beat down the concrete as a group of teenagers walked into the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Its giant Byzantium dome stood as a foreign object in a… Continue reading

Breaking NEWS: Jesus Goes Digital

(JULY 6, 2016: 14:00; ATH, GA) Social Media statistics for 2016 report some 3.17 billion users in the world. This of course only counts registered users, which may include millions or billions of… Continue reading

What are The Doctrines? How Do I Live Them?

Jesus said, “My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.” And the wise man always asks if it’s the right time at the right place to the right people in the… Continue reading

Does God Hate?

I was downtown the other day walking with “Awesome The Prophet,” a man who lives outside here in Athens. As we were parting ways two other men were sitting on a bench Awesome… Continue reading

Does God Change His Mind?

Some folks say, “Yes, God changes His mind.” The evidence is normally Exodus 32.14 And the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people. καὶ ἱλάσθη κύριος περὶ… Continue reading

Should Prayer be Spontaneous or Vain Repetition?

I noticed a phenomenon in my denomination hopping days…the “spontaneous prayer.” I also noticed it’s a Christian dialect, just as Midwestern, Southern, and MidAtlantic are dialects of English. History In the Enlightenment a… Continue reading

The Logic of Jesus’ Commandments

How does the “Jesus, not rules” jive with a Jesus who gives Commandments? I do not want you to be led astray little ones… My fiancé Megan and I were having a conversation… Continue reading

Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi

This phrase is Latin for “The Law of Prayer is The Law of Belief,” i.e. what you pray dictates what you believe. Often time we just change our prayers to fit our beliefs, and… Continue reading

Church Shopping 101

As a student at UGA I began searching for Truth and thought at some point this lay in Church Shopping or Hopping. Truly, the two are the same. It was the natural act… Continue reading

Can Someone Be Faithful Without Being Baptized?

Cody & I had a dialogue on this question as it relates to the story of the faithful centurion and the Rite of Baptism. We hit a stalemate and I never got back to him.… Continue reading